Where would sitcoms, or comedy in general, be without sex?  From the Ancient Greeks and Aristophanes to Shakespeare’s Elizabethan audience to the modern TV Bokepmu audience of The Big Bang Theory, sex is about as popular and common a theme in comedy as has ever existed.  After all, part of how comedy works is by relieving or subverting tension, and few subjects are quite as potentially-tense as sexual relations with a partner whom you truly care about.

The Big Bang Theory is currently the most popular comedy on American and Canadian TV (and don’t think CBS won’t take every opportunity to remind you of that fact in their advertising.)  In one respect, it’s almost ironic that a show which began about four stereotypically nerdy scientists and an equally-stereotypical hot waitress has morphed into a show with evolving and complex relationships, sexual encounters, and even a marriage or two.  That being said, it’s the relationship between Sheldon and Amy—yes, the almighty “Shamy,”—which has captured the attention of millions.

Why would that be, when it’s easily the most celibate?


In one sense, maybe it’s because it’s easy to sympathize with, and thus learn from, both Sheldon and Amy.  On the one hand, you have someone who, for all their bluster and self-importance, seems to genuinely care about his girlfriend, yet retains an almost paralyzing fear of intimacy, which is something real couples struggle with mightily as well.  On the other hand, you have poor, patient Amy, someone who’s probably more patient with Sheldon than she should be, yet sticks around out of a sense of love and loyalty alike, even though she feels saddened at the large-scale lack of intimacy between them, even after years of dating.  They’re also something of a more “modern” couple—the power dynamics are more equal and not dominated by patriarchal masculinity, and after all, they met via online dating, something very modern.

So how can all this help improve your sex life?

Silhouette Of A Couple Kissing

For one thing, it emphasizes the age-old importance of communication.  For as obstinate and closed-off from reality as Sheldon Cooper can be, the truth of the matter is, if he weren’t able to communicate the nature of his hesitations with Amy Farrah Fowler, she’d have moved on long ago.  Instead, he’s put himself open to risk, admitted his fears, and stated that trying to work on them.  Whether or not he’ll ever succeed remains to be seen, but the fact of the matter is that that’s the sort of realistic, long-term effort and communication which is needed to start, repair, or sustain a sexual relationship, or any relationship.  It shows an incredible amount of trust to open up to someone that way, but in so doing, you could well be opening yourself up to the kind of support and love which kindle a sexual relationship—even for those as cautious and clumsily nerdy as the Shamy.

Should You Pay for Online Gambling?

Online Gambling

Some forms of online games are free to play – typically, these types of games won’t allow you to earn money when you win. If you do want the opportunity to win money, you’ll find that you need to register at an online gaming platform and then deposit gambling funds via Bitcoin, credit card, Paypal or your bank account.

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Is Poker Right for You?

Poker Right for You

Poker is a classic card game. There are different types of poker – one famous example is five-card stud. You may play poker at local casinos and you may also access poker games online. Some poker games online will require actual cash bets, while others will be “just for fun”.

In a real casino, you’ll always need to place a bet in order to access gameplay. Hands in poker include Full Houses, Royal Flushes and Two-of-a-Kinds. You may learn the rules for all forms of poker online. These days, a lot of people enjoy playing video poker online.

Video poker is lots of fun as it’s possible to watch opponents as gameplay proceeds. This adds a lot of human dimension to online gaming. However, certain hardware is required. You’ll need a personal computer and a webcam in order to participate. In addition, you’ll probably be charged for online gaming of this type.